Inserting a buffer on drawings :

This option allows you to insert a stamp (Image File) or notes on the drawings during the conversion.

The buffers only appear on the converted files, so they are not saved on the drawings.

Add an image:

Select the image of the buffer to be inserted . As soon as you select an image, a preview is offered.

This image must be saved in the safe.


Supported image formats are: jpg, bmp, png or gif.

Add a note :

The text of the note can be a fixed value or a value calculated from the data card of the processed file

Only on the sheet :

This option allows you to select the sheet on which to insert the stamp.


On all leaves :

This option allows you to insert the stamp on all sheets.


Image Size, Location and Rotation :

These options allow you to change the size of the image, change the location of the image on the drawing, and rotate the image if necessary.

You can position it in the center of the sheet or position it relative to the sheet origin or bottom right of the sheet.


Concerning the size of the image to be inserted it is possible to change the values in both directions. If the is activated, the second value is grayed out and the proportions will be retained.