Create a :

This option creates a reference from the destination file to the source file. When selected, the destination file contains a reference to the source file.

To see this reference, select the output file in the file explorer and consult the tab Content.


Creating the file PDF from file DWG named 00_PT-561602.DWG.

Once the conversion is done, we select the file 00_PT-561602.pdf then in the explorer activate the tab ContentWhen you click on the link, a link is created to the source file.


Replacing existing files :


  • Take a version :
    • In PDM we take a version.
    • In Windows the file is replaced.
  • Replace the :
    • In PDM the old file is deleted if it exists and a new one is created (replacement without keeping the history).
    • In Windows the file is replaced.
  • Move the file to a :


       - The Existing file will be moved to a sub-folder before the new export is added. Name of the moved file :


    • No modification, but defined by a part of the common name :

The name of the generated file contains for example the name of the source file and the value of the index variable. In this case, in order to find the file of the previous index, the common part of the generated file name must be filled in.

For example: Source file name - index


Common name : Name of the source file - (without the index that changes with each generation)



    • Defined by a variable of the file to be moved: The existing file is renamed with its own variables before moving it to the sub-folder.



    • Adding the number of files in the sub-folder as a suffix: The existing file is renamed with the number of files in the moving folder as a suffix

The option is not valid outside of PDM.

    • Number of files in the : Rename the file with the number of files with the same name in the sub-folder, then copy it to the sub-folder.

  • Delete old files:
    • In PDM or Windows: Old files in the generation location that contain the name defined here as the file name are deleted:


For example, if the file name generated by DocPublication is set like this:

Name - Revision

To delete the old revisions of the generated files, use the name of the files to be searched for deletion: