File type :

Condition compared to the source file, it can be of type SOLIDWORKS, Excel , Word, DWG, DXF or All.

With this option you will be able to define different names and locations depending on the type of file to be generated.

Export type : Condition in the generated export format.

With this option you can define different names and locations depending on the export format.

Name : Name of the generated file.

For each of the values Name and Location you can either write the information directly, or construct them by concatenating the values . For more details on this feature see § . Field type.

It is possible to retrieve the configuration name variable for 3D, as well as the sheet name in the case of drawing processing, in order to set the file name.


The directory that is specified here can be :

  • Or a Windows directory for distribution outside the safe  
  • It is also possible to add a PDM variable to specify the location.  

It is also possible to specify a wildcard character for the destination location.


In this case, DocPublication will search for the folder, and if multiple folders match, the file will be placed in the first folder found by DocPublication.

For example, if the Number variable is equal to 002, the file could be placed in the 0025 folder:


Replace special characters :

Choice of the character to be used to replace special characters for file names and locations.


Special Characters matches the characters forbidden in Windows to name a file or folder