When the interface of a tool myPDMtools prompts the user to fill in a field that will allow you to define a name, a PDM attribute value, a search folder depending on the tool you are in.

This tool will retrieve the following information:

       - PDM variable value of the current file

       - Parent folder PDM variable value

       - Variable of the first referenced document

This section automatically retrieves the variable from a document referenced by another.

For example, when processing a drawing, it will be possible to retrieve the value of a variable present in the configuration @ of the part or assembly used by the drawing.

       - Counter with the common tool myCADtools, myPDMtools SmartCounter

       - System variables, e.g. file name, status, location, ...


For each type only part of the value can be recovered with the following options:


Cutting :

By checking this option a part of the retrieved value is kept, provided that a separator character exists.

The separator character is defined and then the number of the field to be retrieved is specified (1 being the first field).


If the value to be retrieved is the file name and the name is PR-0015-Internal-032the kept value is Internal for a defined index of 3.

Once the format string has been created, elements can be rearranged by moving them with the mouse by a simple drag and drop.