By checking the type Microsoft OfficeAll documents in Word format will be converted to the PDF.

This concerns the extensions of the following files: '.docx'., '.docm', '.dotx', '.dotm', '.doc'., '.dot', '.rtf', '.txt', '.wps', .wpd, '.log'

By selecting the Word format you will find several options:


 -Updating Word properties This option allows you to update the attribute values in the Word file from the data card.

 -Do not publish trademarks this option allows you to not export all the annotations created via the revision tab in Word (comment, revision, ...).

-The options of Print quality allows you to set the final size of the PDF file:

  • Standard quality
  • Minimum size

- DocPublication allows you toWhether or not to include certain non-printable information in the generated PDF file.

The definition of these different options can be consulted on the site:

-PDF Options

PDF options allow PDF to be made PDF/A compatible

  • It is also possible to replace the font with an image when the font cannot be embedded.