The myPDMtools suite of tools is protected by a licensing system, accessible from the PDM administration console.

  • Open the PDM administration console.
  • Logging in as an Admin user on a base .
  • Select the myPDMtools add-on and activate the context menu and select Register myPDMtools.



The procedure for obtaining licences is as follows:

Web activation mode :

  • Enter your 24-character SOLIDWORKS PDM serial number.
  • Click on Activate the application

Activation mode by email :

Save the query file and send it to

A return email will contain the code


    • Solution 1 : Retrieving the lynkey license file as an attachment.

The license file is generated immediately by our services. In return, you get a license file with the extension .lynkey'.

You have to save it locally then click on Open and select the file Name.lynkey

    • Solution 2 Copy the code from the answer or from the file, then Paste it into the window.

To add the license click on the Register button.



The license list then indicates whether the license is correct or not.