To access the PDMProperties options, click on


  • To specify the configurations on which the variables will be retrieved and applied.


For example, you can retrieve the values from the configuration '...'.@to calculate concatenations and apply them to all configurations.

If you use read 'From all configurations', the variables will be automatically applied: 'On all configurations'.


The values for each configuration will therefore be calculated independently.


Two types of treatments are available

  • Modification with versioning

If you do not use only free variables, then the documents will be extracted and archived to perform the processing

If the files are already extracted to the vault, they will remain in that state.

    • Only the extensions:

You can specify the extensions of the files that should be archived, to specify several extensions, use the separator ;

    • Do not archive if the file is to be regenerated in the CAD program:

Some documents require rebuilding, for example assembly files that have not been rebuilt since changes were made to the child files. To not archive these documents, check the option.

    • Force archiving if file formats are not recognized by SOLIDWORKS PDM professional

If this option is unchecked, files whose extension has not been declared in PDM will not be archived

    • Force archiving of files if references are retrieved by another user

If this option is not checked, documents with extracted references will not be archived

    • Force archiving of files if references cannot be found

When referenced files cannot be found in the SOLIDWORKS PDM vault, the parents are not archived if the option is not checked

    • Keep the extracted file after taking a version

When this option is checked, the document will be archived to take a version, then retrieved again

    • Delete local copy

If this option is checked, at the end of the treatment, the local copy will be deleted

    • Replace the most recent version of the file during archiving

This option only works in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2017 and allows you to overwrite the latest file version when archiving.

  • Modification without versioning

With this type of processing, the documents are modified without extraction and there is no versioning

    • This task is performed with a SQL user and password.

- Limitation for use via SQL

If you use attributes mapped to SOLIDWORKS properties, the SOLIDWORKS properties must not exist in the file because the properties in the file are taken as a priority for information on the maps.

In case the properties exist when the file is archived, the values you have filled in will be overwritten with PDMProperties.