The CopyFile action allows you to copy a file inside or outside the vault with the possibility of renaming it using configuration-specific variables:


The Name and Location of the file can be set here:


Using the variable concatenation control:


The option: "Replace file if document already exists". allows to replace the document if in the destination directory a file already exists with the same name, if the option is not checked, the copy will not be made and the task will not fail:


The option: "Replace special characters with the" character allows you to automatically replace a forbidden character in a filename (Character\ for example) by the character defined here:


The option: "Use configuration values allows you to define in which configuration to read the values to calculate the file name and location variables:


For example, in the following case, with a value defined: 00*, given that 2 configurations have names that begin with 00, the variables of the first configuration will be used:


In the case below, since no configuration starts with 00, the values of the @ configuration will be used: