SolidWatch is a SOLIDWORKS add-on. The toolbar contains tools specific to the watchmaking field allowing the automation of certain functions.

This module allows, from a drawing of an assembly, to create several boards detailing all the components listed in a bill of materials. These boards are generated in A4 format.

This module allows to place, in automatic and on several continuous surfaces, a series of stones of uniform or distinct sizes, according to several modes of distribution which allow to satisfy the quasi-totality of the cases of the users.

This module allows you to angle the edges of existing parts. The PropertyManager offers 2 tabs allowing you to choose between extrusion or sweep beveling (for curved shapes)

This module allows you to create mouldings (concave or angular) on SOLIDWORKS parts.

The objective of this module is to define the different types of termination in order to provide geometric shapes that can be used for the manufacture of watchmaking finishes on individual parts.

This module allows you to generate wheels according to NIHS standards or specific to a company.

This tool allows you to create the wheel (internal or external) or rack tool from an existing wheel. It is calculated by the tool's relative footprint.

This module allows to generate all kind of watch cams.

This library is designed to create NIHS standard drillings in a simple and fast way.

This Dial module allows you to create all types of dials (Timer, Digit, Letters, Tachometer ...) according to certain parameters.

This tool allows you to automatically retrieve information from all selected entities.

The principle of this tool is to launch an Excel file containing dimensions whose values can be modified. The geometry of the part will then be reconstructed taking into account all the modified dimensions.

This module allows you to insert, in the form of annotation in a SOLIDWORKS drawing, the dimensioning of edges of undefined shape. The tool is based on the rules and symbols of the ISO 13715 standard.

This module allows Link Excel files to SOLIDWORKS via global variables. The variables defined in the Excel file will be imported into SOLIDWORKS as global variables.

This module allows you to lock or unlock the external references contained in an assembly.

This module allows you to export a DXF drawing view at 1:1 scale by inserting an origin block and two alignment blocks. These blocks are used to check the shape differences between the design and the manufactured part.

This tool allows you to create or transform existing dimensions into level dimensions. It can only be used in drawing mode.

This tool allows you to dimension the depth or height between 2 faces. It can only be used for drawing.

In a drawing, this tool allows, from the diameter dimensions, to automatically remove one of the attachments from the dimension.

This tool allows you to retrieve the coordinates and other information of points or arcs in a formatted table. It only works in part drawing.

This module allows you to refine certain edges in the drawing in accordance with the practices of the watchmaking world.

This tool allows you to assign tolerances manually or automatically (all or by type of dimensions) and to visualize the dimensions in average, maximum, minimum, ...