myCADtools 2023 SP4 :


       BG175502:  When using myCADtools and BatchConverter for the first time, if the naming rules have not been modified, the conversion does not work.

Field concatenation tool:

       BG176424:  The rename rule doesn't work when retrieving a variable with a retrieval option and an advanced rule

myCADtools 2023 SP2 :


       AM164569: Added ability to retrieve output derived from documents


       BG173987: Advanced renaming rules are not saved when starting processing or closing BatchConverter


       AM171792: Addition of a property that combines the standard of the norm and the color identifier

       AM171793: Optimization of thumbnail loading time


       AM172813: Added ability to exclude envelope components

       BG171734: Cutting angles taken into account even if the cutting face is drilled

       BG172692: Inch/millimeter management in "Define by profile" section

       BG173478: Fixed import on parts with end extrusion


       BG160360: The bounding box is not correct on a specific file


       AM160960: Restart FindDocument automatically after quitting FindDocumentsServices

       AM171530: Added analysis of lost dependencies

       AM171577: Added analysis of complete path size

       AM171959: Add operation to manage forbidden characters


       AM126878: Implementation of standard field concatenation tool

       AM167458: Added operation to launch SmartProperties Auto macro

       AM171525: Add operation to externalize virtual components

       AM173120: PNG, PLY, 3DXML export formats added

       BG159350: Tool remembers Excel process when using an operation requiring an Excel document

       BG172240: The "Add a property of the parent assembly" operation does not retrieve the value of the property if applied to the properties of the configuration.

       BG172982: Tool no longer finds file when re-running an operation after closing SOLIDWORKS


       AM161104: Added ability to resize window

       AM166019: Double-click to launch tools

       AM166020: Improved support tab

       AM166022: TaskPlanner tab implementation

       AM167366: Implementation of Visiativ Backup in myCADtools application for trial license

       AM172794: Reorganization of order manager tools

       BG173888: myCADviewer does not start correctly from myCADtools Application

Field concatenation tool:

       AM124844: Integration of field concatenation tool

       AM168185: Added ability to select long or short date format as in SOLIDWORKS

       AM170225: Line feed added

       BG170609: Malfunction in weld property definition

Report tool:

       AM171924: Modification of the message for "Encrypted machine liquid" errors, which may be due to the unavailability of 3DEXPERIENCE documents.


       BG172786: Printing custom formats does not work


       AM171044: Add button to return license to active list


       AM171680: Added rules for storing folders


       AM164744: Added ability to set report parameters

       AM166085: Added ability to force sheet thickness value

       AM169206: Add option to hide thread representations

       BG158133: Can't rename by retrieving the material name of each body

       BG160933: Quantity factor not taken into account when exporting to Excel

       BG170869: Body material not recovered in some cases

       BG170870: On an assembly, the "File name" renaming rule retrieves the assembly name and not the part name.


       AM171297: Display general assembly in BOM, even if assembly filter unchecked

       BG173302: BOM exclusion option in configuration properties not taken into account in "display items in assembly insertion order" mode


       AM161843: Added the ability to define a custom end-of-counter value in the interface

       AM163882: Automatic backup of XML counter settings file

       AM172599: Removal of button and label to test SQL connection

       BG167736: Error message in custom list


       AM172852: Add message asking user to extract file if archived in PDM

       AM173085: Add an option in the conditional group to display the group only when an existing property changes

       BG170180: You can't retrieve a quotation from a property type if the extensions aren't retrieved and there's a dot in the file name.

       BG170802: When duplicating in the document vault, the file is not updated in the SOLIDWORKS PDM add-in.

       BG171542: SQL connection compatibility problem depending on TLS version

       BG172958: On first use, the document naming option is checked in the options but is not taken into account without validating the options.

       BG173661: Concatenation not dynamically updated when text is typed into editable drop-down menu of dynamic SQL menu


       AM160973: Added ability to cancel a task from the report window

myCADtools 2023 SP1 :


       AM158674: Added the ability to rename original documents after local repatriation from 3DEXPERIENCE


       BG115393: Modifying a summary property does not work when using a referenced document property


       BG160955: Properties are not applied in a specific case on SOLIDWORKS 2023

Field concatenation tool :

       AM142567: Added ability to retrieve welding properties

       AM165555: Information interferes if multiple instances of CreatePattern on same tool

       BG164273: "Configuration description" property value not applied to all configurations

       AM168260: Translation enhancement

Name builder :

       BG166114: The name is not created with a specific renaming rule

Report tool :

       BG147585: Problem with accents in csv exports of HTML reports

File selection tool :

       AM162207: Message added when reference path is too long

       BG141293: Adding a document and its dependencies does not work correctly with a specific file and the option to view sheets and configurations.

       BG164382: Import does not work on a specific file with the "Dependencies" option.

       BG167499: Version 2023 is not retrieved in the "Version/Number" column


       AM151760: Modification of cut previews in the report

       AM160745: Modification of unit management

       AM162697: Improved color management

       BG107522: Recovered length value does not match actual length

       BG159005: Angle values differ between import window and flow list

       BG159678: Mass is not calculated in the supply sheet from a 3D import

       BG164897: Drop calculation not correct on a specific angle dimensioning option

       BG165958: Table import doesn't work when retrieving a Quantity column from a custom property


       AM158282: Visual separator added to facilitate reading of multi-configuration components

       BG158123: Error message when clicking "Search

       BG158124: Options are not identical between LocalHelp and FindDocument

       BG160983: Drop-down menu window does not close


       AM153357: Implementation of the Visiativ Graphic Charter

       BG138092: myCADtools Connected - Property list is empty in tools


       AM143242: Creation of a macro to run SmartProperties Auto on welded bodies

       AM149842: Added ability to export mechanically-welded bodies in neutral format

       AM157254: Add the ability to reload a background map

       AM162929: Add a "any start" function to the "If document name matches a particular format" condition

       AM166083: Use samples in English if they don't exist in the job language

       AM168118: When adding .mcat files to setup, the files are not added to my documents

       BG158437: Modify the operation of "non-visible" files

       BG162703: The condition "if the document name corresponds to a particular format" does not work.

       BG162832: Anchor point not respected when adding a revision table

       BG167183: Customized materials are not recovered


       BG158126: Options are not saved or loaded when closing LocalHelp

       BG158127: "Analyzed values" drop-down menu does not close


       AM154530: Added ability to uninstall version from myCADpassport

       AM165597: Default checkbox for use of SmartProperties property list


       AM156443: Add ability to reset tool options from tool page or tool logs


       BG150431: When unchecking/checking items from the filter tool, it does not take children into account

       BG156132: Plan not found in projectManager

       BG168694: Drawings not in the defined search path are still retrieved as long as the drawing is in the 3D folder.


       AM167621: Interface and mail mode evolution


       BG161551: Error message when SelectMaterials is open in the task pane and a sheet metal function is created


       AM166443: Modification of installation conditions and messages in the event of non-detection of SOLIDWORKS or SOLIDWOKRS Connected


       AM160961: Added the option to check "Do not display message again".

       AM160975: Anchoring options added

       AM164744: Added ability to set report parameters

       AM165061: Added ability to select a mapping file

       BG157364: "Apply color to geometry" option does not work correctly

       BG160933: Quantity factor not taken into account when exporting to Excel

       BG160976: Modification of general options

       BG161907: "Quantity factor" option not saved

       BG162615: The "Group views by thickness/material on multiple sheets in a single file" option does not retrieve the plan background from the drawing template.

       BG166084: Tool does not work in German


       BG160980: Properties are saved despite clicking on "Cancel".


       BG168941: Custom lists no longer work

BG138967: Duplicate counter value problem in SQL on a cumulative counter


       AM165055: Use default my templates during installation

       BG137295: After using the tool, SOLIDWORKS produces strange behavior if it is not closed.


       AM142953: Added ability to set property names to white when input mask is dark

       AM166120: SmartProperties multi-selection message management

       AM166438: Isfastener property no longer created automatically

       AM166564: Modification of property mask labels

       BG148514: File does not save to the specified path if folder does not exist in Windows Explorer

       BG151189: Evaluated value is not returned in a specific case

       BG165085: Property values no longer correct when retrieving information from a PDM Pro folder and switching to a Windows folder

       BG166827: PDM folder variables are not retrieved in a specific case


       BG166033: PDM window interface problem

myCADtools 2023 SP0.3 :


       BG166661Impossible to create a SmartCounter base if it does not exist


       BG166488: myPDMtools license no longer recognized in myCADtools

       AM166893: Automatically switches to manual activation when automatic activation fails

myCADtools 2023 SP0.2 :


       BG165541Impossible to validate SmartCounter options if the SQL connection is not verified, even if the file is an XML file.

myCADtools 2023 SP0.1 :


       BG162368: If the Windows language is not present in the myCADpassport configuration languages, the myCADtools utility does not work.


       BG164410: SQL database connection problem

       BG164026: Unable to create and use a SmartCounter SQL database when something other than the default instance is present

myCADtools 2023 SP0 :


       AM157309: Modification of the graphic charter of the tools

       BG158729: myCADtools Connected activation problem


       AM153398: "Head assembly" filter added


       BG108696: AssemblyBoard does not detect that a document is a virtual document and creates a drawing view anyway

       BG160505: Properties are not retrieved in generation when selected BOM is split and with header at bottom


       BG158014: Tool does not support SOLIDWOKRS restart every n imports option

       BG158016: Tool must not overwrite existing import files


       AM141954: Added ability to include configuration options in XBL export file


       AM159924: CADENAS connector removed from CloneComponents and replaced by CADENAS-developed tool 3Dfindit


       BG160931: Error message when dragging color onto 3D model


       AM135526: Added the ability to use CopyOptions in a PDM vault

       BG147375: Part color not copied

       BG152818: Unable to delete format paths


       AM138152: Added the ability to add a custom logo to the report

       AM149815: Add the possibility of decimals on blade width

       AM153590: Added ability to use a property other than "Description" for profile name

       AM155367: Retrieve reference marks in weldment projects read from a drawing view

       AM22643: Be able to link to the profile with a property other than the description

       BG152726: Family name not updated after manual modification

       BG156141: Correction of error messages when managing Columns

       BG157257: Report incorrect when moving columns

       BG157467: Table import doesn't work if table doesn't have "Length" column written in French

       BG157904: Error message when generating report "the value of line 1 is not compliant".

       BG158057: PDF report formatting not correct when exceeding three cut lines per tube

       BG158628: Marker incrementing does not work with "Numeric" marker and prefix addition

       BG159081: Drop value must not be less than 0

       BG159677: 3D analysis error on a specific file


       AM148323: Add "AND" and "OR" capability to search tool

       AM155943: Support read-only info in database

       BG156470: Problem in network mode on workstations that do not support server folder updates

       BG159658: Plan analysis crash referencing N document(s)


       AM121598: Add operation to delete bulk property links

       AM140296: A3H and A3V format added for background replacement operation

       AM141423: Add condition on Read-only attribute of files to be processed

       BG147540: "Place free text" operation does not work if condition failed

       BG152053: The operation "BOM options - Display child components" : request 'Show' does not work if the option was previously set to 'Promote

       BG152262: An active file in PDM cannot be processed

       BG159412: "Property exists" and "Property does not exist" conditions are reversed for drawings

       BG160874: "None" setting on "Change material" operation does not work


       BG150817: Unable to delete button image


       BG145545: No extrusion function is created when SOLIDWORKS is in Turkish.


       AM153346: Possibility of emptying the automatic cover of the 3Dx trunk

Field concatenation tool:

       AM141777: Test the number of characters in a property or concatenation of properties

       AM143597: Add a symbol to field tiles when a character retrieval option is applied

       AM147838: Added ability to have "Welded list item name" or "CutListItemName" property.

       BG121453: Added the ability to name the exported file using the properties of the configuration used by the view referenced by the drawing sheet.

       BG160294: The value of the "Configuration description" property is not applied when the read options are set to "On document""

       BG160550: Always returns the value of the first valid condition

       BG160804: Unable to perform multi-character cutting

File selection tool :

       AM153394: Recover plans and dependencies

       BG152797: Configuration display is not correct if filter is modified

       BG157124: Regression - Element sorting in columns no longer works


       BG137900: Control window blocked at end of processing


       AM140285: Insert folding table on SMM views

       AM140999: Addition of folder options for grouping by thickness

       AM145272: Added the ability for the file naming menu to resize when the width of the SMM menu is increased.

       AM158135: Added the ability to create a subfolder with the name of the material or thickness

       AM159760: Added options for managing Flat-Pattern configurations

       AM160508: Reorganization of export options for document template selection

       BG144277: Thickness is converted to mm even if document is in inches

       BG153229: Body quantity not correct when exporting to Excel

       BG154563: Layer name not respected in export files

       BG155830: Problem in visibility and selection of bending lines since MCT 2022 SP2.0

       BG157336: Layer name not saved.


       AM160483: Added ability to save documents when applying changes made with "edit properties".

       AM60780: Added the ability to extract PDM files opened in SOLIDWORKS from SmartBom output to modify properties (With myPDMtools)

       BG156596: Excel export only works once in a specific case

       BG158543: Excel template is modified when exporting Excel to OneDrive

       BG159934: The head assembly is imported even though the "Add general assembly to BOM" option is not checked.

       BG160034: Optimization of Excel export times to calculate cell refresh only after complete export


       AM124907: Added the ability to set a counter end value

       AM137393: Improved XML counter capture when file is captured for writing


       AM160549: When copying the associated drawing, default to the location of the copied 3D document

       BG156239: Conditional group disappears when linked to a document property referenced in the drawing and a simple text is entered.

       BG158548: Concatenation does not retrieve the value of a "referenced document property".

       BG160478: The symbols < and > are not taken into account on a condition with a comma/point value.