BG = Correction

AM = Improvement

myCADtools 2024 SP1.2 :


       BG187864: Le paramétrage personnalisé des versions antérieures n'est pas récupéré lorsque l'on installe la version 2024


       BG187041: Message d'erreur quand on récupère un plan depuis 3DSpaceExplorer avec l'option de dépendance cochée

myCADtools 2024 SP1.1 :


       BG186765: Alphabetical cumulative counter no longer works

myCADtools 2024 SP1 :


       BG184901: Display problem on latest version

       BG185963: CloneComponents launch error


       AM183039: Open Excel template favorites location directly

       BG183463: 125% display problem

       BG183475: Problem importing property when drop-down menu is set to NONE


       AM147374: WhereUsed integration in FindDocuments

       AM174055: Drag & Drop added

       AM174057: Add assemblies to orphan analysis

       AM174553: Take deleted components into account or not

       AM174673: Add button to view report after processing is complete

       BG179192: Error during file analysis

       BG179923: Unable to return to "Local location" option if "I support update...." option is selected.


       AM185805: Translation enhancement

       AM185807: German documentation added

       BG29770: Unable to run a macro if SOLIDWORKS was started by a myCAD tool


       BG180846: Error when launching myCADtools with Windows scaling option enabled

AM183238: Added the ability to create a custom favorites tab

Field concatenation tool:

       BG183277: Configuration information no longer retrieved

File selection tool:

       BG183918: The file previously selected with the "Add active document" button is replaced by the new document selected with the same button.

       BG183948: Regression - "Insert drawings" function no longer works for files retrieved from the 3DEXPERIENCE platform

       BG183983: The file cannot be imported if it contains 3 different types in the list of welded parts.


       BG184734: If a property is created and used in a renaming rule, the value is always set to "False" on duplication.


       BG180792: Annotations not centered on view when margin applied


       AM183863: SmartCounterWeb added

myCADtools 2024 SP0 :


       New tool - DataRecovery

       New shared parameterization tool

       AM182051: Taking contexts into account when creating default options


       BG172220: Property import is empty in a specific case

       BG182040: The quantity is not added to the annotations even though it is checked.


       AM174767: Integration of the field concatenation tool in the location options for generated files

       AM181495: Generated file location option interface modification

       BG140993: Automate activation of configuration used by assembly for export

       BG169988: "Export named sheet" option does not work for DXF files

       BG174647: BatchConverter no longer works in TaskPlanner Mode


       BG177937: When there is a property with an empty value in the property list, the properties that follow are not added to the document.


       AM159083: Cut previews not correct when there are many of them

       AM164513: Add the ability to configure the tracking number

       AM166337: Hide profile name in "Positioning" section when importing from 3D

       AM178072: Grouping identical bodies from different parents

       AM182052: Taking contexts into account when creating default options

       BG175171: Analysis problem when cut is shorter than section width

       BG175688: Length imported by 3D import is wrong if body merge options are used


       AM182597: Added option to manage evaluated values


       AM176444: Added the ability to analyze only the search folder to identify external references between folders

       BG180930: With some options in the "Analysis" tab, Excel export does not start


       AM161549: Added the ability to use syntax to apply a value containing $.

       AM171430: Field concatenation tool added for operations

       AM173250: Added ability to export sheet metal bodies

       AM176287: Integration sample added for automatic insertion of visualization cube via macro

       AM176297: Added the ability to use the rename tool for the "Create document plan by sheet" operation.

       BG173580: Adding a Windows property does not work with the "Apply properties to all configurations" configuration option.

       BG174501: Error loading Integration action file, conditions only loaded

       BG177150: On a project with several actions including a "If sheet N is a format" condition, when the format is changed on one condition, the others are also modified.

       BG178686: Esc closes tool

       BG180730: The condition "if the document belongs to a specific folder" does not store the folder path.


       AM179929: Add a shortcut to launch Indispensables tools


       AM176433: Add settings options

       AM179302: Addition of a tab featuring the 7 must-haves

       BG179301: Search does not reveal all tools

Field concatenation tool:

       AM169635: Show multiple choice in list

       BG177939: SOLIDWORKS variable "Density" is not retrieved

       BG178351: Options window no longer present

       BG179062: "The drag and drop of "fixed value" does not work.

       BG179568: Crash after opening conditions

       BG180858: Error message when modifying properties after changing condition options

       BG181094: Crash when editing properties after deleting property lines in BatchProperties

BG181186: Plan property values are not retrieved on Connected 2024

File selection tool:

       AM141572: Added ability to filter envelope components

       AM159859: Added ability to load all open documents into SOLIDWORKS

       AM172598: Added ability to exclude files in delete state

       AM60637: Display missing files when dissolving a CSV file containing missing items

       AM60802: Added a message to the PDM options in the file selection tool to indicate that a myPDMtools subscription is required to use these options.

       AM66552: Added filter for sheet-metal and welded parts in the file selection tool

       BG177225: If the "Part" and "Assembly" filters are unchecked, dependency drawings are no longer retrieved.


       BG160001: Tool remembers Excel process when driving a file containing equations


       BG169827: Automatic plane search uses the path above the selected assembly path


       BG161405: SearchPaths does not add paths to SOLIDWORKS unless the options window is opened in the SOLIDWORKS session launched by SearchPaths.


       AM176431: Setup migration in 2024

       AM178993: Essentials training added to Setup


       AM169024: Added ability to have a drop-down menu for document template selection

       BG175692: The exported sheet is empty when combining the following options: Group views by thickness/material on several sheets in a single file with the Separate by material option checked and the Separate by thickness option unchecked.

       BG178392: If a file is generated by body and a body property is retrieved for the file name, the value taken is the same for all exports.

       BG178685: Double-click on "Apply" to relaunch the tool after the report.

       BG179066: Modification of the option "Do not recreate the 'SM-FLAT-PATTERN' configuration if it exists".

       BG180787: Nothing is generated when combining the options: Group views by thickness/material over several files with the Separate by thickness option


       BG152819: PDF export files not added to PDM vault

       BG176391: Translation enhancement

       BG182454: In closed file mode, a component is not grouped with the others if the case of the file name has changed.


       BG178495: In SmartProperties, the counter variable is not updated in the mask if the variable that exists in PDM also exists in the mask, the value applied is correct.


       AM66930: Error handling when SOLIDWORKS has been closed and processing is clicked on

       BG153551: Malfunction in model object annotations

       BG155100: Dimensions marked for parts drawing are not transferred to assembly drawing

       BG165662: Tool crashes SOLIDWORKS on some files


       AM176767: Added ability to ignore "Extract file if archived in PDM" message

       BG174156: If nothing is selected on a "Rating" property, the value is not empty but equal to a space.

       BG174452: Error message during validation if mask window pin is enabled and rename option is enabled

       BG88214: SmartProperties displays the save as window twice if you rename an existing document and have the pin.


       BG163289: Regression - Manual selection no longer works


       AM164489: Add progress bar for analysis step