This options window allows you to activate the tool in the context menu and to set the links to be copied.


  • Options :


This option allows you to access, from the Windows Explorer of the document vault, to the processing of CopyLink (Right click on a file or document).

  • Links to copy :


This part allows you to select the links to be copied :

Open: Open a file in SolidWorks.

Display : Open a file in the viewer.

Get version : Get the latest version of the document.

Properties of the : Open the properties window of a document.

Background: Open the history window of a document.

Explore: Open the document file.

  • Overview (example) :


This frame allows you to have an overview of the links copied in the different documents:

Office format : Document allowing to copy hypertext links. (See : Using CopyLink)

Text Format : Document not allowing to copy hypertext links. (See : Using CopyLink)