In the case of file processing it is imperative to use the Full Paths option in the File ID:


In this case 'Full path' you can start with the trunk view starting with

for example:

In folder mode you have 3 possibilities :

  • Fill in the data cards of existing files :

In the Excel file, enter the complete address of the file and fill in the variables.



The variables Project and Description will be updated on the data card in these files.

  • Creation of non-existent folders :



In case the folder does not exist in the PDM vault, you can use the Create folders or Create folders via PDM templates .

PDM folders will be created and the folder map will be updated with the columns defined in the Excel file

  • Modify PDM folder rights :

This option allows you to copy the rights of an existing folder in PDM to another.

you will find the settings in this section "Copy of file rights".