This option allows you to create files from existing templates. Once you have selected these templates, you need to set up your Excel file to copy them to the desired location.


- Selecting models to copy :


- Filling in the Excel file :


Prerequisites for copying :

- Fill in the full path for the copy of the new file, with the extension (Example: Column FileName)

- If the copy folder does not exist, it will be created automatically (Example: folder Project)

- Create a column to fill in the name of the models to be copied (Example : TemplateName)

- The name of the column must be the same as in the option  

If the column TemplateName is not filled in, it is the file extension that will be taken into account.

Example : If the column TemplateName is not entered for the Cabin.drwdot.

The file to be copied will be selected according to its extension.


If there are several files .drwdot in the column Ext.', it's the first one that will be copied.

When the utility is released, the files are copied to the specified folder and the data card is filled with the values from the Excel file.