myPDMtools 2021 SP1- March 2021 :


       AM120323: Adding Feedback to myPDMtools

       BG116201: Version selection in general options no longer works in DocPublication


       AM108560: Add an option in the broken reference analysis that would analyze the references and therefore solve all the references of a project

       BG108558: Requirement to close-reopen DataRecovery if file was open in SOLIDWORKS for broken reference analysis

       BG118537: Export attributes to Excel file, tool closes when clicking on browse files to select an Excel file


       AM101417: Added the possibility to do And with the conditions of the Advanced document addition

       AM119593: Added a button to save the modification of an advanced document bookmark

       BG120127: Error when creating a bookmark that contains groups that do not exist in the document set

       BG121623: The HTML file of the summary is not generated when a zip is requested


       AM116495: When using "Use the version present in the local cache when launching the task", do not take into account the fact that the file is extracted from another workstation, as an old version is generated.

       AM120788: Added the ability to create a reference link between the documents referenced by the plan and the generated file

       AM90356: Add an option to not clear the list of files to process when using DocPublication -> List processing mode

       BG116494: When using "Use the version present in the local cache when launching the task", the metadata is retrieved from the latest version and not from the generation version.

       BG116608: When a file in the queue no longer exists, the queue is rotted and no longer empties


       BG119258: Cannot re-open a DynamicList SQL with a single query


       BG115303: Error loading results for query: "BOM contains deleted documents".


       BG114420: PDMMessage templates are not supported in the myPDMtools general options bookmarks


       AM100783: Added ability to select users or groups for PDMReport queries

       AM100811: Added Delete function to PDMReport results context menu

       AM100812: Change Method for Modifying a Report

       AM100813: Added ability to list documents that may arrive in a report

       AM100814: Added History command to PDMReport results context menu

       AM100815: Added a query to find out which files have changed from one state to another

       AM100819: Added an option to only take into account the previous state

       AM113643: Integrate all PDMCheck queries into PDMReport

       AM118313: Added an option to remove duplicates and keep only the most recent row for the query: The documents were in a

       AM118545: Combine PDMReport result with PDMmessage to notify result automatically

       AM96217: Added the ability to name the file when exporting CSV

       AM98637: Tell User to Require SQL Connection in Tasks and in myPDMtools Option Interface

       BG100821: Modification of the saving method of the PDMReport options

       BG115227: When using a Template with an image, if the report contains several sheets, the image is only on the last sheet

       BG115228: When adding an Excel template, you must validate the myPDMtools options to have access to it when creating a report

       BG118312: The initial was is not taken into account for the query: The documents were in a state

       BG120978: Do not display a message to replace the file in task mode

       BG98484: If you put the same query twice with different parameters, the CSV export only makes one file with both results in it


       AM119237: Added option: Do not filter available values based on previous menus

       BG114954: The tool multiplies the same data in the drop-down menu

       BG115059: Variable values are not proposed using Or with the same variable name


       AM88888: Add an option to take a different SmartCounter number for each configuration


       AM115099: Added the ability to notify the user who triggers the task

       BG115070: PDMMessage notifications do not work on failure if not checked on failure and on success


       AM87440: Add the possibility to create a counter by configuration

myPDMtools 2021 SP0.1 - December 2020 :


       AM113367: Added compatibility with SOLIDWORKS 2021 for myCADtools tasks.


       BG113103: Values are not available if several conditions are added without specifying a value.

       BG106276: The value of the 4th criterion is not displayed until you start the search and return.

myPDMtools 2021 SP0 - December 2020 :


       AM112330: Product migration in 2021

AM108520: Display a message when the add-in fails to launch a tool to request a restart PDMRestart

       AM111905: Display the login dialog box when the logged-in user does not have access rights to the myPDMtools options



       AM70835: Use the open Windows Explorer login to connect CacheRefresh to the PDM vault and perform archiving operations with this user without entering the password in the myPDMtools administration.

       AM70835: Added an option to launch a Windows Explorer to initiate automatic login if using an AD login or PDM auto login.


       AM69788: When extracting all properties, remove the use of the model and gray the Excel model path.

       AM84381: Added the possibility to filter the export on an extension for the Excel extraction option.

       AM85949: Added the ability to export multiple named configurations.

       AM94197: Create a single report if processing takes a long time and the tool has to restart automatically.

       BG108212: The processing time is calculated until you click to open the report.

       BG108213: Add the version of myPDMtools to reports.

       BG109259: The Replace existing files option no longer works.

       BG112778: Report not generated if slot contains a space character.

       BG48882: Show information in reports if the file could not be modified because of rights (File in a report with a prohibition to modify).

       BG98342: Copy File to Vault - Display a message if the path exceeds the Windows limit of 256 characters.


       BG107537: Cannot use the 'Use In' file search mode in the advanced add document mode.

       BG107540: CSV file analysis in task mode no longer works.

       BG107570: Cannot use bumper and duplicate file mode in task mode with files already in the document bundle template.

       BG110902: Error when generating a bundle containing an Excel file.


       AM108684: IFC export added in DocPublication.

       BG107349: Since DraftSight version 2020 the export with options higher than 2018 does not work anymore.


       BG112086: PDMCheck does not retrieve the file locally to retrieve the document and map icon when the result is displayed.


       BG110079: The variable filter does not work and filters all documents if the configuration options have not been opened and validated at least once.


       AM105494: Added configuration options for applying variable values.

       BG109123: Unable to select a file to add its data card to the PDMPropertiesCard list.


       BG106550: When launching SOLIDWORKS the extraction options of the Addins PDM are not unchecked.


       BG110593: When you click OK, if you have not added/modified the report, display a warning message.

       BG110594: If the SQL connection is not parameterized, the parameterization is lost.

       BG112084: Unable to add the query Where are the variables in the vault used? .


       AM108251: Add the possibility to launch DocPublication between two TaskProperties actions.

       AM110130: Be able to change the status of documents in case of failure and or success of the TaskActions task.

AM111769: Added option to allow TaskActions to be triggered when right-clicking on a folder.



       AM112767: Add the possibility to define the text with the variables of the processed file.

       AM112768: Add the ability to set the text buffer font.

       AM112843: Add the possibility to define the buffer position.

       AM112936: Add the ability to set buffer transparency.


       AM111767: Added a type for valuing folder variables.

       BG112070: If the SQL info is not filled in it does not put the information in the report for updating variables according to the parent folder.