myPDMtools 2022 SP2- June 2022 :

New PDMOutsourcing tool:

With PDMOutsourcing, facilitate the exchange of documents for outsourcing.

Files not to be modified by the subcontractor can be automatically set to read-only. Outsourcing and import reports quickly show the status of files to be outsourced or re-imported.


       AM150377: Added compatibility with SOLIDWORKS 2023        


       BG151052: The tool does not display all subassemblies in a specific case.


       BG150319: The import of a value is transformed into a date in the card.


       AM134906: Added the possibility to use the character * for the generation path.

       BG138926: Random problem: sometimes all SOLIDWORKS sessions are closed when the task ends.

       BG148868: The generation of a plan is empty when it is saved in single view.

       BG150659: Do not clear the list when the task fails.


       BG146211: Error messages are passed behind when the window is pinned.


       AM141487: Added filter option on extension for query: 'Duplicate files'.

       AM146929: Added an option to ignore the duplicate if it is the room and its plan.

       AM149245: Add filter on extension for query: 'The variable value is'

       BG146927: The option: Ignore empty values is not taken into account.

       BG149244: Column customization is not taken into account in a task (Ok manually).


       AM144961: Added an option to have the revision table inserted on all sheets independently.


       AM151893: When using a StampPDF job, add the ability to not extract the plan if looking for the PDF from the plan.

myPDMtools 2022 SP1- March 2022 :


       BG135885: SQL connection error related to the TLS security protocol.



       AM141702: Added the ability to retrieve variables from office documents without taking all configurations into account.

       BG138945: The option: "Do not create folder if no files to copy" does not copy folders that contain subfolders with files.

       BG139855: The reports of the function "Dependencies are not created in the directory specified in the general options.

       BG140135: With File name without extension as identifier, if a drawing and a part are in the same folder, only the first file found is processed in Search from the trunk.

       BG144310: DataRecovery's automatic restart does not work for the Extract all properties mode.

       BG144469: DataRecovery automatic restart does not work when the vault name contains a space.


       BG144906: Error when adding advanced documents if no link is created with the project.


       AM144106: Scheduled mode - Via the list, be able to remove a line from the list to not process the file.

       AM144107: Scheduled Mode - Be able to customize the display of available columns in the list.

       AM144108: Scheduled Mode - Be able to export the list with the columns for external evaluation or analysis.

       AM144109: Schedule Mode - To access the schedule list directly from the user console.

       BG139843: The PDF generated by DocPublication does not have the same quality as the PDF generated with SOLIDWORKS (identical options).

       BG141427: Added compatibility with AutoCad 2022.


       AM122320: Add the ability to hide drop down menus in DynamicList.

       BG122321: Labels that are too large in dynamicList are cut off.


       BG122151: Various interface problems.


       AM117753: Added ability to match name or initials for email notification.


       AM127221: Added the ability to query a variable value.

       AM143856: Added variable options for Duplicate Files query.

       BG123640: List of duplicate files => The first duplicate file appears only once in the result.

       BG123642: Display problem when a variable is used in several maps for the query: Where the variables in the trunk are used.

       BG128186: The order of the tabs is different in the exported Excel file.


       AM114216: Added the ability to stop the current search.

       BG122139: Save filter option to favorites.

       BG122140: The variables Status and File name are not saved in the favorites.

       BG141966: The value is displayed again when the Enter key is pressed after deletion.


       BG137001: The Status column does not return the document status.


       AM145938: Add the possibility to choose an image dynamically according to the variables of the file to be processed.


       AM125062: Added scheduling in TaskActions.

       AM128143: Add the ability to add a condition on all TaskActions.

       AM64739: Add a file copy action.

       BG125981: Character replacement does not work for a specific character.

       BG129681: Integration processing does not work if it is open when the task is launched.

       BG137558: Cannot validate the Integration action if the Options button is not accessible.

       BG141796: Integration does not find the file to be processed in a PDM task if the file path contains an & character.

       BG144757: Adding multiple buffers to the same task does not work properly.

       BG145759: The labels of the rotations are not blocked when the buffer is positioned at the bottom left or right.


       BG135717: The name of the selected field variable changes when a new field is added.

myPDMtools 2022 SP0- September 2021 :


       AM123885: Added the possibility to launch a task from a data card button.

       AM125382: Compatibility with SOLIDWORKS PDM 2022.

       AM125430: Manage log creation in time when the defined folder is no longer accessible.

       AM134348: Resolved myPDMtools launch issue caused by a SOLIDWORKS PDM bug that deleted the add-in files for the active explorer when using PDM administration.

Field concatenation tool:

       AM131396: Add the ability to retrieve the PDM folder ID.


       BG125702: AdvancedBOM does not show dependencies for a particular assembly.


       AM121316: Copy Windows files to the vault, add an option that allows not to create folders if the folder does not contain the type of files requested.

       AM129524: Added the ability to use a file variable for the Search from Trunk mode.

       AM133677: Dependencies - Added an option to retrieve files in latest version or as built when fixing references.

       AM133813: Do not process virtual components when resolving dependencies.

       BG126718: When copying files via a text file, special characters cause problems if the file is encoded in UTF-8 instead of UTF8-BOM.

       BG134421, 134483: Added more information in the reports for copying and editing data cards from an Excel file


       BG130738: Unable to open a document bundle from an older version of myPDMtools.


       AM122324: Clear file cache instead of full folder cache when processing a task.

       AM131195: Add the possibility to add a note with the file metadata when adding a buffer.

       BG129323: The tool creates temporary extensions in the PDM administration when moving old PDFs to a subfolder in PDM.

       BG133176: The case of the extension is changed after a DocPublication export in SOLIDWORKS format.


       AM133082: Changed PDMRebuild processing to no longer have the rebuild message in PDM by adding an option to extract dependencies from processed files.

       AM133678: Added options to rebuild all configurations.


       BG124626: The recycle bin files are in the report for the duplicate file query.

       BG127032: "All operations for a specific date and user" this query fails if you have custom system columns.

       BG127270: If the name of a report contains the character ' the PDMReport query "The documents were in a report" gives no result.

       BG129182: Improved PDMReport date processing for the "Documents were in a state" query.


       AM123530: Added the ability to force a counter only for the active configuration in the data card.

       AM128006: Add an argument (.ActiveConfigOnly) to the to avoid displaying a warning message when using a button to increment the counter value.

       BG123200: Grayscale the counter option for each configuration if the "From all configurations" option is unchecked.

       BG131712: When incrementing or updating a SerialNumber from the data card, the concatenation does not take into account the current changes in the Windows PDM Explorer and SOLIDWORKS.


       AM108950: Added the ability to add existing PDM tasks to TaskActions.

       BG130736: The myCADtools task launch does not work if the relevant myCADtools tool has never been launched and therefore does not have the settings file.