myPDMtools 2023 SP2- June 2023 :

New CardActions tool:

       With CardActions, set the sequence of actions to be executed from a button on the data card.

The tool lets you automatically value variables, publish documents to Microsoft SharePoint, add stamps to PDF documents, rename files and much more.


       AM169775: Added ability to choose configuration when launching task

BG164285: Used in task mode with generation from a folder and creation of a ZIP, tool does not work


       BG171277: Drawing conversion with Autocad fails


       BG171054: Paths are updated when clicked: Include drawings


       BG169850: An error occurs when launching a task that launches another task if the condition of the first task is not met.

myPDMtools 2023 SP1- April 2023 :


       Corrected translation errors on several tools (DocPublication, DocBundle, TaskActions, PDMReport...).


       BG161984: Broken reference analysis does not find sub-children when the assembly is in a different folder.

       BG165945: Importing values containing the apostrophe character does not work depending on the position of the intelligence character in SQL mode.

       BG169637: Error when using DataRecovery in preset mode and extracting all properties.


       AM162278: Added ability to force open to full screen when converting.

       BG160008: Unable to convert a drawing with SOLIDWORKS 2019 and lower in myPDMtools 2023.

       BG162203: In some cases, converting a plan in trim mode generates an empty file.

       BG164945: The configuration name is doubled with two configurations for 3D export and all configurations are exported.


       AM166467: Block outsourcing creation when it will generate full paths longer than 256 characters.

       AM166722: Added the option of deleting the folder used for reinternalization.

       BG166724: The tool does not propose to remove outsourcing in any particular case.

       BG168510: If the connection to the PDM safe is cancelled at startup, the program abruptly stops.


       BG169638: Unable to use DynamicList from PDMProperties.


       BG169097: With myPDMtools in English, the tab names generated during export are in French.

BG169640: Error when using Duplicate Files request if no duplicate files.

myPDMtools 2023 SP0.0.1- November 2022 :

Registration tool:

       BG159981: Unable to activate a license automatically over the Internet

myPDMtools 2023 SP0- November 2022 :


       AM153677: Using Microsoft Framework 4.6.1



       BG152190: Temporary or out-of-trunk files are taken into account in the copy.


       BG112845: If the automatic restart occurs during archiving, on restarting, processing ends without completing archiving.

       BG150973: The name of the column for the file name is requested when using Variable as identifier.


       AM148870: Added the ability to open drawings in skin mode for conversion.

       AM152256: Added the ability to use eDrawings for PDF generation of SOLIDWORKS or eDrawings compatible files.

       AM152369: Added 3mf format.


       BG156472: A hidden menu reappears in a specific case.


       AM145075: Added ability to match name, email or initials for PDM notification.

       BG158655: If the recipient is defined in a variable, it does not work in PDM notification.


       BG139399: Files are not added to the list if archiving is done from the PDM add-in in SOLIDWORKS.


       AM129683: Added the ability to search all referenced files that are out of the vault.

       AM129952: Added query: A plan is not associated with a 3D.

       AM151824: Added option to delete old reports in task mode.

       BG151798: Selecting a folder for a query should use the root of the vault rather than the full path.


       AM9853: Added ability to change state in search results.

       BG151182: Error when starting the search with empty conditions.


       AM143849: Added the ability to load a backup of the task setting in TaskActions (e.g. DocPublication).

AM140114: New Publishing Operation - SharePoint Publishing

       AM145869: New publishing operation - my3Dviewer publishing

       BG146369: A TaskActions task is in error if it uses TaskProperties and recalculates the folder variables on a document that does not have a data card.

       BG152555: Unable to add a DocPublication operation if there is an existing operation: Run PDM task

       BG156270: The subfolder variables are modified while the option to take subfolders into account is unchecked.


       BG153687: Do not extract child files when using TaskProperties Free with type: Copy variable values to children.


       AM143230: Added the ability to position the buffer from the Top - Left or Right.