The general options of the outsourcing allow you to modify the outsourced file/folder:


  • To automatically create a compressed file of the outsourcing folder, check:


PDMOutsourcing will automatically check the Compressed archive when outsourcing:


  • This option allows you to set the name of the archive or the name of the outsourced folder depending on the option chosen:


The variable concatenation tool then allows to use the variables of the externalized file to name the export

  • By default, the outsourcing will be placed in the Windows user's My Documents folder:


To change this location, it is possible to browse a folder and/or to use lThe variable concatenation tool to build the path:


If the myPDMtools administrator wishes, he or she may not allow the user to change the outsourcing settings, just check:


When this option is checked, the outsourcing can be modified by the user:


Otherwise, the user will not be able to change the location and type of export: