The List options can be modified by clicking here:


The next window allows you to modify the list options:


It is possible to display the list of files to be processed via a command in the context menu:


The option adds an entry in the contextual menu, with the text entered:


It is also possible to allow the deletion of documents from the list:


If the option is unchecked, then the user will not be able to delete items from the list and will be warned by a warning message:


Column management:


To modify columns in the list, use the icon:

Then fill in the column ID:


To select the variable to be displayed, click on the and define the name of the variable:


The order of the columns can be changed with the arrows:


The result will then appear in the list display:


It is impossible to delete a system column:


To hide a column, it is possible to reduce the display width to 0, for example to hide the Date Added: