The principle is to create a document bundle that will contain all the options and files you always want to include in the bundle.

    • Type: PDF, file
    • Name and location
    • Options
    • Structure and files you always want to export

We will then select the location of the created template in the task.


To do so, you just need to create a document bundle and define its type and its options


This Model will be the reference for each export via a task and the processing will be as follows:

    1. Triggering of the task following a change of state or right click
    2. Copy and rename the template file in the header file folder (e.g. higher-level assembly) or first file
    3. Mapping variables from the file to the bundle data card
    4. Inserting an advanced document add-in containing the files selected when the task is triggered using the set favorites
    5. Generation of the bundle
    6. Deleting the template temp file